NEW for 2018 B2 Audio REF FOUR

NEW for 2018 B2 Audio REF FOUR.

4 Channel High end SQ amplifier.


After 3 prototypes and extensive testing, this product will take on the elite.

*A heatsink with better heat dispersion, meaning you don’t need fans in the amp (big no no in sq amps).

*Mcap capacitors and burr brown op amps coupled with the finest caps from Nichicon. The cost increase of these compared to no name can easily be 150 times more per unit.

*High precision hand mounted and matched mosfets from International Rectifier, where as others use ordinary cheaper philips screws, we purchased our own Allen head as it not only looks nicer, it also allows for better mounting.

*Power supply cover, this might see it is for looks only, but there is again a huge cost related to it as it needs to have a particular surface area allowing the torroid to not overheat. This is partially looks, but a slight added performance feature as well.

*Class AB to Class A bias mode. Meaning you can drive the amplifier in a full open mosfet configuration to achieve an even better sound if needed.

*1 ohm stereo option, due to all the upgrades to the amplifier, the Ref Four is able to run at 1 ohm stereo, this is actually where the amplifier really comes alive.

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